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    I am pleased to recommend Julianne from MOD Interior Design Inc. Julianne met my business partner and I in 2016 and left a wonderful impression that I have never forgotten about her. She comes from a health care background and has a large portfolio of work done for clinics and dental practices. She understands the nuances of the aesthetic, branding and functionality to help create that holistic model on not only the layout but the branding and design.

  • Testimonials

    We engaged Julianne from MOD Interior Design to help with some of the details of our recent home renovation project. From her first visit, she understood exactly the feel we were  trying to achieve with our new look, by asking personal questions and realizing the importance of our existing pieces. Her ideas where on point and reflected our style perfectly.

    Julianne was mindful to present a number of options and even helped with the shopping for the products. Her guidance has taken the guesswork out of the design choices and made a potentially stressful renovation project, much more enjoyable.  

    My husband and I are grateful for her guidance and expertise.

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    I wanted to send you a note to express our gratitude for the Fantastic job you did for us, in designing and managing the crea6on of our new Decisive Corporate Headquarters.

    As with a lot of people we went into our project thinking that we could handle this on our own. (After all we have a successful business…how hard could an office move really be?) We could not have more wrong. Not only did we not know everything that would be involved to do a new office build, the time and effort would have taken away from our real business. At Decisive our business involves quick reaction time and customer service in the Information Technology field. Our customers look to us to be the experts in Enterprise IT Infrastructure. Our business does not involve drywallers, painters, electricians, flooring, landlords, trades people or crea6ng the blueprint concept of a showcase office setting that people are happy to come to everyday to do their jobs.

    The only reason that we were able to move in, on time and on budget was Julianne Bennett at MOD. The best decision we made for our office move and design was letting Julianne handle everything. Her knowledge and experience of the process, and her insight into timelines allowed her to manage the trades and create and design a beautiful workspace we are extremely pleased with and proud to call ours.

    It is safe to say that our business or the office design would have suffered, if we had been left to handle this on our own. In our opinion, when you want something done right find an expert in the field. Julianne Bennett at MOD is an expert in her field.

    If you have any prospective customers that are looking for design and Project management, MOD is the place to call.

    I would be happy to discuss our experience with anyone trying to decide on hiring a true professional or going it alone for their office design.

    Thank you again Julianne.